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There are 4 sections in the game.
In the first section you need to find all the auto parts to help you repair the car. You will get 3 minutes to find all the car parts or the game will be over. Also choose the wrong car pieces 3 times and the game will restart.

On second section of the game use the car parts you collected to start fixing the car. Grab and drag a car part to the correct flashing spot on the car. After
using all 7 parts, you will proceed to the next section of the game.

On the third section you can customize your car with different colors, wheels, neon lights and body kits. After you are done customizing your car press the steering wheel symbol to proceed to the last section of the game, a Test Drive!

On the last section see how well the car drives. You can also honk the car's horn and turn on or off the car lights.

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